Group Action Edge Limited

There is no substitute for hard experience.  Knowledge is important but no technology should be developed unless it is based on real life experience.
Group Action Edge has both knowledge and experience (good and bad) over many years of conducting group/class actions.
Our proprietary systems and technology is tried and tested and was designed to deal with and solve real life issues and problems that arise during the course of the conduct of a group action.
Problems can and will arise in group act lawyer not experienced in group actions will not know about or what to do, without spending a lot of money.  It is not uncommon for a group action to cost over £100 million.   Get the "Edge" - your case will be viable, manageable and the risk will be covered.

Do NOT think it is easy

"Conducting a group action is easy" - if you believe this you might be in for a shock.
In fact conducting a group action is difficult, expensive and fraught with risk.

The claims are usually for a very large sum of money.  If a Defendant doesn't have the money there is no point suing them; so if a case is worth pursuing you will be fighting a rich Defendant and it suits a rich Defendant to run up costs as much as possible.  The more that the spend the better they like it.  A "chequebook Defence" is as effective as one with legal merit.  Get the Edge and solve this problem.

Don't be bullied!

Tried and tested

Tried, tested and proven.
Each case has a bespoke Case Website CLICK FOR EXAMPLE
Our new 2018 system is light years ahead of what went before though.
You simply cannot conduct a group action without having the Edge.
Rich and powerful defendants love to make you run up costs.  That is how they defeat claims!

“The two great dangers in group litigation are the risk of the administration falling apart and the equal risk that the costs of dealing with each client become wholly disproportionate to the value of the claim”.

(A leading group action solicitor in London).

It can be REALLY expensive to conduct

"You do the maths" - what will it cost to run your case?
What is the funding required?
Can you get funding for such a high amount AND can you get ATE insurance to cover the financial risk of litigation?
This will be enabled soon.

Prepare to be shocked.

click - RBS, Trafigura, Lloyds

Experience, knowledge and systems

Discuss your case with us.

We have experience.

We will understand the issues.

We will have the answers.

We can tailor the technology to suit your case - including the finances!

You will have a bespoke case website enable with our 2018 technology - the Edge at high speed and vastly reduced cost and risk.

If you have you have questions FAQs

You, the customers have questions, we have the answers.

Read about the most frequently asked questions.

Dont hestitate to send us a message and we will - at no initial cost - discuss your case and requirements with you.

Don't be afraid to ask!

Our services


  1. Initial Set Up - Establishing goals  and our Contract 
  2. Set-Up - Set up System Requirements, Case Website (example), Documentation, Committee, Case Management Plan
  3. Case Plan - Timelines and Recruitment Goals
  4. Recruitment Plan - PR, Publicity, Social Media presence, Press Releases, Media input
  5. Funding/Finance Proposal - Set a Budget and prepare a Proposal for Litigation Funding
  6. Case Management - Automated Case Management during the life of the Group Action
  7. Distribution of Award/Reward - Electronic Award Distribution Module 

Setting the case up

In the Set-Up stages we find out what you want and need.

We discuss your goals with you.

We give you the benefit of our experience to assist you in setting up your Group Action.

Important issues are addressed which differ from case to case.  We will advise you.

Then we will provide you with draft documentation and ideas for setting up a Case Website.

Each Case Website is bespoke to YOUR case and requirements.

You will have to work out how you are going to MANAGE the Group Action.  We provide advice based on hard experience.

We help you plan what is required by Solicitors, Counsel, Funders, Insurers, the Court and your Opponents.

You are ready to set up all that is required to launch your case.


Formalities must be complied with!

We have  and provide you with a set of documents and procedures which we will discuss with you to ensure that your Group Action complies with:

The Legal formalities and requirements;

The Contractual requirements and formalities.

We agree on the form and distribution of Reports and Schedules that prove compliance and Case Criteria compliance.

We can provide you with advice to assist you in setting up your case in a "watertight" way.

It is in your and your clients' interests to get it right.  

If there is any problem with compliance the Defendants will exploit this.

Level the playing field

Invariably Claimants in a Group Action cannot afford to litigate without Litigation Funding and Cost Risk Insurance.

Litigation Funders are approached for case funding every day.  Most cases that they are presented with are already established and the Claimant/s identified.  

A large Group Action is different though.

You will need to Recruit Claimants, "sign them up", comply with formalities, get statements and documents, categorise, schedule and manage the Claimants.

Without the "Edge" most large group actions are simply not financially viable!

No funder will pay hundreds of Pounds per claimant to be rewarded with percentage of claims which collectively have a high values but separately have a values (or potentially might be reduced to a value) which the funding criteria are not viable and - in any event - they want to spend money on winning a case; not establishing it!

Dont be bullied

Once your case and claimant group is established and the case is underway you need to manage it!

Defendants are always rich and powerful.


If a Defendant does not have the money to pay the claim forget it.  There is no point even thinking about how to sue a Defendant who cannot pay!

Defendants love to incur costs, BIG costs; costs that make your head spin.

They do this because they can use costs and the threat that the claimants will have to pay a massive amount as a weapon against recruitment and morale.  In shareholder v Company cases they are using funds, effectively belonging to shareholders, to fight shareholders.

GAEL levels the playing field and make the case financially viable - your class actions, class action lawsuit and group actions can't work without it.

Pay day!


"Pay-Day" has arrived!

You have 1,000/5,000/100,000 claimant clients.  You have worked hard to win the case.  Now you have the money.

Regrettably some claimants have:-



Are unable to manage their own affairs;


Gone fishing.

You dont want to spend thousands trying to pay claimants what is due to them.

You cannot have Johnny O'Difficult refusing to accept payment because he wants to hold out for more and might wreck a settlement.

Unfortunately this all happens.

Get the Edge on this!