The problems

If you think that conducting a Group Action is:-

* easy;

* not risky;

* inexpensive;

* the easy route to fame and fortune;

you are, with respect, misguided.

The Solution

We have spent years and a lot of time, effort and money developing a Group Action Management system.

It is NOT at all like a normal lawyers case management system.

It is specifically for Group/Class actions.

Before we developed the system/s we conducted group/class actions in various jurisdictions; FOR MANY YEARS.  We have the Tee Shirt/Scars to prove it!

Benefit from our experience and investment in time, energy and hard earned cash.

Some have tried to copy our technology - our rights are reserved - but we can say that in 2018 there is no point trying to sell a copy of a 1969 Ford Cortina.  It doesn't compare with a 2018 model Maserati Quatroporto.

You don't need to earn the scars.  Get the "Edge"!


Our contract is simple. We set the case up. You manage the case.

You provide us with information and we discuss your case and requirements with you.

The Agreement that you enter into with Group Action Edge will be tailored to your needs but is subject to standard contractual terms and conditions.

Read example here

We set up a Case Website for the case linked to your website

Presumably your firm has a website.  We will set up a bespoke Case Website based on our experience - eye-catching, functional and practical.  That will be enabled with our technology.  You can link your Firm Website to the Case Website and vice versa.

All information is secure and SSL certificated to be so. 

Setting up the technology for YOUR case. Systems and documents are bespoke.

We follow a trafic light system.

RED means STOP - there is something to do.

Amber - wait you have started but not finished.

Green - Go you have completed the step.

We will set up the steps to meet your requirements for the case.

Case documentation

Group Actions require a fairly intricate  set of documents - we will provide you with a draft of typical agreements (without prejudice or acceptance of liability) and you can/must adapt these to suit the case.


We will help you devise a questionnaire.

Not only the questions - but how to phrase the questions.

We can set up a "person-2-person" statement finalisation facility - if required.


We understand the costs associated with Group Actions and will tailor our charges to assist you and the Claimants if we believe that the case has good prospects of success.

You need the Edge - especially when it comes to costs!